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Hersea Nasal Spray Dressing (Nasal spray mask, anti-bacterial and anti-viruses spray)

Protective layer for anti-COVID-19 and prevent multiple influenza viruses Hersea Nasal Spray is made of hemocyanin obtained by separating and purifying the hemolymph of Tachypleus tridentatus. It used to form a protective layer on the surface, which acts as a physical barrier against the inhalation of dust, bacteria and viruses, etc. In particular, the antiviral activity rate of the SARA-CoV-2 reached 99.51%. Antiviral Activity Rate 99.51%
  • Safe : without side effects, available for children
  • Efficient : forming physical barriers against the virus invasion
  • Without antibiotic resistance : continuously effective
Intended Use: Anti-COVID 19, Anti-bacterial, Clean nasal cavity, Liquid mask Thai FDA Approval : 65-2-3-2-0005916